Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First day of school

How is everyone, hope grrrreat!
Back to school! Today was the first day of school, and everything went great. Both my boys entered new schools. One went to the big High School, 10th grade, new school, and the other started Middle School. Like every year we bring them in and pick em up. We kinda make a big deal about it. A little later we will be taking them out to eat. Nothing fancy, a Denny's or something :)
Anyway, I hope you all had a great summer. Mine was just great. Did a lot of day trips this year, and played a bit of golf. Not that I'm Joe Golf, but my son Alex loves it, and wants to play every chance he gets. So I go, and started to really enjoy it. Playing better also keeps me interested :) Since my CI, and my hearing getting better, it is a lot easier to communicate on the golf course. In the past I never talked with my son's until we were next to each other. In golf everyone hits the ball someplace else. If anyone asked me something from a distance, forget it! Now I can understand from a very far distance, and even talk to people I don't know, cool. It's just a lot better now.
The weather has been great, gonna go out and sun a little now:)
Just wanted to keep in touch, say hello. HELLO! hee hee
My Yankees will miss the playoffs on their last year at the Stadium. Does anyone feel for me, lol.......
Take care,


Laurie said...

Nice to see you blogging again! The first day of school is always special. I took pictures of the kids every year. They grow up too fast. Enjoy them while you can.

Glad you are hearing better, especially on the golf course!


Jennifer said...

Love the picture! The boys are growing up...such good-looking kids you have! :) I'm glad to see a post from you...long time no see!! :)

Abbie said...

Great picture of the boys! I'm kind of sulking in the corner with you about the Yankees... I'm glad is all going with you :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Billy. So lucky to find your blog at the time I am planning my CI operation. AND, more important we share the "status" - male, middle aged, post language hearing loss, and one deaf ear with the other went almost completely deaf in the past 3-4 months. I use Phonak + FM. All you great writing and notes are a lot of helpful to me. Hope to get in touch in stay tuned every step of the way i am getting there...:)
Randy from Beijing China

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