Sunday, December 16, 2007


Hello Everyone,
Still alive!
Just wanted to update a little. Not too much new. Have not had a new mapping for a few months now. I do have one January 8th of next year :) Have kept most of my programs the way she set them the last meeting. Noisy situations are still hard. Have to drop the volume in some really loud places. When I go to my son's basketball games in the big High School gym, that also is a hard place to hear. Echo sounds. But the overall picture is very good. Still talking on the phone, but still mostly family members. I did place a pizza order a few weeks ago and that went well. Understanding a lot on the TV, but not enough to follow an entire movie, if I turn the volume up enough I do better, but the the rest of the family no like:) Listening to music a lot now, love my rediscovered CD player, boy did I miss that. One of the best things is how much I don't text anymore, I talk to my kids on the phone now, very seldom do I ever text anymore, saves so much time and my thumbs get rest:)
Funny thing is how I really don't give my hearing much thought anymore, I'm also a lot less frustrated at the end of a day. I actually do get a little down when I don't hear or understand something, I guess I expect myself to be perfect now, make sense?:)
Anyway, after my next mapping I will update again.
Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.