Friday, June 29, 2007

Hearing Test w/CI

I had my first hearing test with my CI at my one month mapping.
I scored a 90% on hint sentences (example: "The orange is sweet") , 66% on words, and 81% on phonemes (sounds).
So, at one month she said I did really good.
Considering I was at 24% with my one good ear, and with hearing aids, yes I did good :)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

One Month Mapping

Hello Jerry!
My one month checkup is coming up on Tuesday, hard to believe it's only been a month. For some reason it feels longer. I guess I've gotten accustomed to my new ear and it feels like we've been together longer :)
As far as change, it seems to be a little slower. The sound quality has gotten better, just a little of the Mickey Mouse sound is left, I still hear it on the radio and some of the music I play. Last week I went to my Nephews high school graduation and for the first time in who knows when, I could understand speech from a speaker on a microphone:) Understood a lot! But,,,I also went to my son's 8th grade graduation and understood very little, my son's was held in a gym compared to my Nephews which was held in a huge stadium like building, I'm thinking maybe better equipment or that the gym was more echo like.
The tinnitus that I was talking about in my last post is gone, haven't had that sound for over a week now, keeping my fingers crossed.
Talking at home has become easy, very good at understanding my wife and older son, my little guy is a litter harder at times, I guess it's because he has a higher pitched voice.
So that is about it as far as news, sometimes I feel to busy to take notice of all the new sounds that I hear. Sometimes I don't think I hear that much, but when I really listen and take time out to listen, I'm amazed at what I hear now, just hearing the wind and the leaves in the trees is incredible. The rain on the leaves, talking on the phone, someone mumbling something as they walk off, I me going, "I heard that" :)
Anyway, I hope you all had a good weekend, school is finally out here, time to plan the camping trips and all the other activity stuff.
Take care,

PS---I think Yana get's turned on this week! Wish her luck!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Tinnitus anyone?

Hey All,
Went for my one week mapping on Thursday, added a new program channel and some volume changes on the other ones, a few different settings here and there. Nothing much different.
One thing of change for me has been a huge amount of tinnitus. It started about four days ago, in the middle of the day, a loud sound started in my head, like a fish tank motor running, that best describes it for me, or a plane in the sky, humming from the engine sound, from what I remember as far as sound similar to this one. The sound also starts off low and gets louder, lasts for about and hour, then goes away. Anyway, I thought something was wrong with my processor, but when I took it off, I could still here the sound, then I thought something was wrong inside my head. I emailed the hospital and they said it's probably tinnitus. It made my own voice very loud to myself and all the other voices loud, too loud. Made it harder for me to understand things, made things sound muffled. I get them everyday, 3-4 times. Very annoying! They said it might last for months, but should go away. Has anyone had this? Just wondering, and how long.
But everything else is about the same, going good. Been talking on the phone more and more, not understanding everything, but lot's :)
That's about it for now.
Hope everyone is having a good weekend, rainy here in Seattle.
Take care,

Monday, June 4, 2007

Here's What's New

Well, it's almost a week now, not much has changed as far as the Mickey Mouse sounds in all the voices. I met a man at the hospital that has had the implant for about a month and he said his mouse voices almost all went away after 2-3 weeks. Even if they didn't, it's still better then what I heard before, zip.....
Today I talked to my Mother- in-law on the phone, understood very much, was able to carry a conversation, we talked about 5min. Can't describe how I felt after that, but in total shock would sum it up, shocked that I could actually understand on the phone. I talked to my wife in the morning for a minuet or so, and understood some of the things she was saying, that was on my cell phone. When I talked to my Mother- in-law, that was on the home phone, understood better on that. I think the reason was the home phone is a little louder and bigger, fits around my speakers better. Talked to my son yesterday and understood a bit of that too. It is one of my practice exercises that I have to do this week, talking on the phone, in a short amount of time. All I can say is, it's been a miracle as far as the phone. If I had to pick one thing that I missed the most, due to my hearing, it would be losing the phone. I have lost contact with many friends and some family members by not being able to us the phone. It's been many years since I last used the phone, and actually heard and understood someone. But I am taking baby steps with it. Can't get over excited:)
Today was also my first day back at work, I deal with many people at work, and today was the easiest day I have had in years. Lot's of work and practice remains in this area, but it went very well. At work there are many background noises which make it difficult to understand, but I did good.
Last night we had rain, first time since I have been turned on. I was able to hear the rain on the leaves, and the wind blowing. A little muffled, but I heard it anyway. I sat out on my chair and just listened. I find myself doing that a lot, just sitting or standing somewhere and listening to what I can hear. Sometimes I feel like a kid with a new toy :)
I have also be practicing with the CD player and playing music, very hard to understand the words. My Audio told my to go to and print out the songs words, which I have done, and read the words while listening to the song. I have done that and it seems like the words come out a little more clear and I can follow the song quite well.
I'm hearing things everyday, new and old, but by no means is my hearing cured, it will never be the same, but this is not bad. Even though many things don't sound right, or simple things that get in the way like the wind, I find myself happy again, (hard to drive with the window open and listen to the music) lol.
I do a lot better in quiet conditions and I probably always will. But, this has been worth it already, and it's less then a week.
I could go on and on, but that's about it for now.
Thanks for all the nice comments.
I'm always here checking my blog and yours :)
Take care everyone,