Saturday, June 9, 2007

Tinnitus anyone?

Hey All,
Went for my one week mapping on Thursday, added a new program channel and some volume changes on the other ones, a few different settings here and there. Nothing much different.
One thing of change for me has been a huge amount of tinnitus. It started about four days ago, in the middle of the day, a loud sound started in my head, like a fish tank motor running, that best describes it for me, or a plane in the sky, humming from the engine sound, from what I remember as far as sound similar to this one. The sound also starts off low and gets louder, lasts for about and hour, then goes away. Anyway, I thought something was wrong with my processor, but when I took it off, I could still here the sound, then I thought something was wrong inside my head. I emailed the hospital and they said it's probably tinnitus. It made my own voice very loud to myself and all the other voices loud, too loud. Made it harder for me to understand things, made things sound muffled. I get them everyday, 3-4 times. Very annoying! They said it might last for months, but should go away. Has anyone had this? Just wondering, and how long.
But everything else is about the same, going good. Been talking on the phone more and more, not understanding everything, but lot's :)
That's about it for now.
Hope everyone is having a good weekend, rainy here in Seattle.
Take care,