Friday, April 20, 2007

Pre- Tests, Balance test

OK, first post, will be short and sweet.
Just a quick note about the post and why. I will be getting my CI on May 2, and I will try to post and keep everyone up to par with what's happening. I really enjoy reading every ones blogs and all the reading helps a ton. Makes me feel like I'm doing the right thing here. Your stories and journey are incredible and you are all an inspiration to me, really!
So after being qualified to get a CI, I go to Wednesday the 18th
On Wednesday I had three different appointments that took up most of the day, first one went great, about 30 min. Second one was bad, the balance tests. Everything was going along great until they used a instrument that blew cold and hot air into my ears while I was pretty much blindfolded, but they were really goggles that I couldn't see out of. To make a long story short, my head started spinning and I did some serious vomiting that day and just started feeling better today, two days later, not sure what the points was about that. Passed everything else I guess. Was waiting for a phone call to tell me you failed the balance test and will have to wait as far as surgery, but I haven't gotten one, so I guess everything is a go!
A little about me, I'm a 44 year old boy :) Started to loose my hearing at or around 18-20, not even sure anymore, some family members think earlier, I guess I just didn't give it any thought as a kid, did bad in school and some think because I couldn't here as good as everyone else, who knows, but I listened to lots of loud music in my teens and not my parents :) though many doctors do not think that is the cause of my hearing lose. Have had several hearing aids and now have phonak hearing aids. 0% understanding in my right ear and about 30% in my left, if that. I do not lip-read or sign and I work in retail sales, figure that out, I wing it, as I like to say.
Married 15 years in June. Have two sons 13 and 10 and a dog, let's not forget the two turtles and one goldfish :)
Happy in general, love life and just thought I'd like to understand a little more, tired of being left out, or I should say, tired of avoiding everyone and every get together or events, etc... you know what I mean.
That's about it for now, I will post again soon, update, pictures (maybe :)
Thanks for reading,