Monday, January 28, 2008

Hey, Wuz UP??????????

Hello from snowy Seattle,
Just figured i'd keep the blog going a little longer. I find myself here less and less. But I will try to drop in more often. I do still read many of your blogs and you all make me smile and keep things interesting, I mean me interested, lol... Looks as if Sam is going to be under the knife soon, best of luck to him. Wishing for you Sam. Anyway, not a ton new here. Just working and doing the usual kids stuff. Have had a kind of slow winter as far as kids sports. Both my sons are not playing hockey this year. That frees up a lot of time. One of my boys has picked up snowbording while the other is playing basketball and will hit the soccer fields in the spring. But they will both be playing baseball as well. Can't give that one up, GO YANKEES! :)
We will be getting white stuff...............
Yeah, we're expecting snow tonight. We also had a snowy morning today. Just like Buffalo, lol Sam.......
Where I live we normally do not get a lot of snow, but go East 45 min and your in snow country out here. A 98" base where my son snoboards and they are expecting 12-18" tonight. But the kids will take the snow days and I will deal with Morons that can't drive in the snow :)
Hearing is going just fine. Had a Mapping a few weeks ago and everything is just great. I elected not to take a hearing test. My audio Tina said next time. I know my hearing has gotten better since my last hearing test.. My next Mapping is in May.
So, things are cool, life is grand, hearing is great!
Hope everything is great your way.
Your friend Billy
In the market for new cell phone soon.
Anybody recommend a good one for the CI


Sam said...

Yo...nice of you to mention me. I had my surgery 2 weeks ago...and will be activated the 15th. Glad to hear you're doing great! And yea...go GIANTS before we go YANKEES!!

Laurie said...

Glad to hear you are hearing well! Send some snow to Tennessee. . .I would love a snow day!

I have a Palm Centro (Sprint) and I love it. And it is RED! Sound is nice and clear and crisp for me and it also has speaker phone. T4/M4 rating.

Abbie said...

Hi Billy!

I'm sending you some snowless love from Jersey :) I'm glad to hear everything is going well!

GO YANKEES! We got another month and half to go before spring training... ay yi yi!

I hear the Motorola Razors are AWESOME for CI and HA, they have a M4/t$ rating as well. I have a samsung U740 and its "ok" but it has a qwerty keyboard which take precedence over important phone calls.

Yana said...

Hey, glad to hear things are going well for you!

Do share what sort of phone you are gonna get! I am in for a CapTel for now, no regular phone for me, but one day, oh yeah!