Thursday, May 24, 2007

In a week!

Well it's less then a week before they turn me on. Love that saying!
For three weeks after the surgery I didn't feel great, not bad, but not great. On and off ear aches, and some head aches. When I did overdo it, like walking to much:), or playing some sport, afterwards I became, light headed, nauseous, and tired, w/ pain around my ear area. Most of those symptoms have now gone, just some light ear aches. Can do pretty much what I want now, but I try not to lift heavy or do a lot of bending over. I guess I was one of the slower healing cases:) But everything is cool, less then a month after having a hole drilled in my head I'm feeling ok, I guess I can't complain :)
I posted a picture of my family and I, dog too. It was a self portrait of us down on the Washington coast, Moclips, Wa. to be exact (last year) kids are bigger now. We love to go down there, not too many tourist:)
We also love the Oregon Coast, I highly recommend Cannon beach in Oregon if your ever looking to get away to a beautiful place. Haystack Rock, awesome!
Anyway, hope you are all having a great week, and ready to have a awesome Memorial Day weekend, anybody camping?