Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Day 6, after surgery

Hi All,
Ok, this is day #6. Almost a week already after my surgery. How am I feeling, here's the word that most properly fits the description, "crappy". I'm still feeling like I just drank a quart of Jack Daniels, meaning light headed, dizzy (sometimes) and my right ear is just a bit bigger, making me look like Mr. Potatoe head, It's still very bruised and sensitive to touch. My taste buds are not the same and most food doesn't taste to appealing at the moment, hoping that changes back to the way it was. I'm overall in a edgy crabby mood as the wife says:) Always tired and hate the fact I need to sleep so much. I guess the weather has a lot to do with that, looking out the window and seeing a nice sunny day with temps in the 70's. I have slept a little outside on the lounge chair. I feel in no way ready to go back to work, which was supposed to be next Monday, I think I will take another week off, especially considering my work has a lot of lifting and bending involved. How much work did the most of you miss, just wondering. I guess I can't get a grip on the fact that I just had MAJOR surgery. The head is a delicate part of the body, probably the most, never realized how sensitive it is.
Overall, I guess things are going as planned. I get my stitches taken out on Thursday. Hope that doesn't hurt too much:) I'm a baby!
Anyway, that's about it for now, just sleeping, watching TV, taking my pain killers for the many ear aches I get, and doing some more sleeping :)
Thanks for looking
Billy g