Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pony league champs

My sons team as they would say, "won the whole thing" they had one heck of a season. They started off like, this is going to be a long season, to winning the championship. My son is the catcher in the middle, chest protector on. He also made the All-Star team. They played teams from other towns, cities and they basically got blown away in that. Some great teams, but they tried.
Now a little info on the CI, I have not had a mapping in a while, was supposed to have one last Monday, but they decided to cancel that one, said I was doing ok and didn't need to change anything, but if I did feel I needed more volume or anything they would schedule me another one. My next map will be Sept. 11. So I will have a way to go before I see them again. I am running on one program right now, I do have four, but I only use one of them, works really well, #2, the others just don't have enough volume. I am starting to make out some of what is being said when I watch TV, I think with some more volume I might do better. Voices, even on my CD'S are getting better all the time. When my son plays the piano that sounds awful, not sure why. My other son play the guitar and that sounds a lot better. Can hear rain, wind, the leaves rustling in the trees. Let's see, what else, this is just a little update on what I'm hearing better and what changes I feel have happend:)
Like Yana said, I also do better if people are closer to me when talking to me, that I think would improve with more volume.
Overall I feel like I'm doing great, I kind of don't think about my hearing as much anymore. In the past at work if people talked to me, it took many, huh and what was that before I finally understood and many times I never did get what they were saying, now maybe one huh or what:) a lot better!
Anyway, that's about it here.
Hope everyone is doing good, and as we head into another weekend soon, have a good weekend.


Sam said...

Congrats to your son! And it looks like you are making good progress. Sometimes the changes, however subtle, are just don't notice them.

Jennifer said...

Whaaaaaaa.....? It looks different in here somehow...redecorating? This looks like my photo blog...same template, I think :)
CONGRATS to your son!! I know he HAD to be tickled pink!!
September 11th...that will be my one year surgery anniversary. I can't believe it's been that long already...that's wild! I'm tickled that you seem to be making GREAT progress!! Way to go!! :D :D :D

Samantha said...

Hey - Congrats to your son!! That must have been pretty exciting!! I was also reading your other posts - thats awesome with the scores you got on your last hearing test!! : ) You seem to be moving along pretty good!!
And thanks for the reminder...I'll be sure to post tomorrow with a new update! So much has happend this much to tell I don't know where to start! lol Well I'm glad things are going great with you and your CI and everything!! : )

Yana said...

Hey mister!

Congrats on your son's achievements!

I just bought Advanced Bionics listening CDs for practice. They are very nice and I think they help with speech recognition! Try them!

Michele said...

Hello Billy,

It is always good to win "the whole thing," whatever the whole thing happens to be, so let me join the chorus and say "congratulations to your son."

If you do better when people are closer to you, you must simply, for now, have people stand closer to you. With your obvious charm and wit, that should certainly not pose a problem for anyone.

Thank-you for stopping by my blog. You made me smile. And to quote the lovely Jennifer ..."GREAT progress!! Way to go!!"

Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

Hey, Billy...I was so sorry to hear your sad news :( Thinking about you...((hugs))...

Yana said...

Want to give us a little update?!

Annalise said...

You write very well.